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LS-LAND issue#08 HOTS - one of the many LS-Land sets of the famous legendary studio LS-Models.

Since 2001, a modeling agency has been operating in Kyiv under the official name "Alex-Model", also known as Ukrainian Angels Studio. This agency made professional artistic photos and videos shooting girls of a wide age category. The finished products were published on the official websites of the agency, which are not working today.

"Alex-Model" have their own unique style, all the costumes used in the process of filming were exclusively tailor-made. The modeling agency was great popular and advertisements for the search new models were distributed through radio, television and newspapers. The studio had many branches throughout Ukraine, among them in Kharkov and Simferopol. The best models took part in trips, during series on the Black Sea coast and other beautiful landscapes in nature. The agency worked for three years and was officially closed in July 2004. The studio's products are still very popular all over the world under the brands names LS-Models ; Ls-Magazine ; LS-Studio; LS Girls; LS-Island; Ls-Land ; LS Dreams; LSMODELCLUB(LS Model Club), and by the names of individual exclusive sets of the collection.

Very young teen girls (N/NN).
The most complete collection of photos and videos LS-Girls.
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